study association of

middle eastern studies
in groningen

Study Assocation Siduri

The study association for Middle Eastern Studies in Groningen since 2009.


As a study association, we organise study related and socializing activities. This way, we both foster interest in the Middle East and encourage bonding between students. 

Study support

It is important to us to contribute to the academic training of our members. We organise exam trainings to support our students and our members receive a discount on their textbooks.

Prospective students

Of course, we can also be found at information events like Open Days and Student for a Day events, contributing to a flourishing degree programme. 

The History of Siduri


In the summer of 2009, a study association was founded for Middle Eastern Studies in Groningen. A number of enthusiastic students were motivated to reunite the students of the two different tracks, Hebrew and Arabic studies. Study Association “Shalom Arabs” was formed. The name was a symbol of the open and inclusive atmosphere that would characterize the association. 

Name change

Some years later, the distance between the different tracks and their students was bridged and the goal of the study association was reached: an open and inclusive association for all Groninger students of the Middle East. The old name had served its purpose as a symbol and aspiration for the older generation, but it now seemed contrived to the new students. In november 2014, the General Members Meeting decided on a name change. The association renamed itself after an old Mesopotamian goddess associated with knowledge, wisdom and (last but not least) beer brewing): Siduri. 

Siduri’s Mission

The goal of Siduri consists of four main aspects. Firstly, the association aims to stimulate interest in the Middle East as a region. We do this by organising activities that not only attract our own members, but also members of other disciplines. 

Secondly, the association aims to contribute to the academic formation of its members. We’re here to help each other study. We organise exam trainings and we keep in touch with the degree programme’s student mentors and teaching department. 

Siduri also promotes the general interest of its members. We are a small, close-knit association, and if our members experience a problem, we aim to contribute to a solution. We also regularly meet with contact persons of various parties in university and faculty politics. 

Lastly, we want to promote mutual contact and bonding among students. We’re students after all, so socialising is very important for us. And of course, it is useful for our alumni to have good contacts with other Middle East experts.

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