The committees of Siduri

Activities Committee

The Activities Committee (AcCie for short) organises our monthly drinks and other fun activities, such as the fabulous yearly Christmas dinner and the traditional end-of-year barbecue. 

Should you have any questions or suggestions, send a message to or talk to one of the committee’s members during a get-together.

  • Jesper Stap (Chair)
  • Arjen Nutma (Secretary)
  • Coen Postema (Treasurer)
  • Rosanne Wijn (PR)

Travel Committee

Every year, our Travel Committee (ReisCie for short) organises a fantastic, legendary trip to a country or city in the Middle East, one of the highlights of the year!

  • Femke Metz (Chair)
  • Julia Kleinhuis (Secretary)
  • Jeroen Grooten (Treasurer)
  • Femke de Graaf (PR)

Introductory Committee

The Introductory Committee (IntroCie for short) organises the introductory period for our first-year students. During the first seven weeks of the academic year, there’ll be a fun, easily accessible activity at which the first year can socialise with each other and can get to know the association and the older students. The IntroCie looks forward to welcoming you to our association this coming September!

    • Louise Brouwers (Chair)
    • Kirsten Vos (Secretary)
    • Eef Peeters (Treasurer)

Study and Career Committee

Last year, an official Study and Career Committee (StuCie for short) was founded. The StuCie organises all study related activities, such as pub lectures, workshops and excursions. We hope that students can profit from these activities in their current and future ventures!

      • Karsten Brefeld (Chair)
      • Elisabeth Faber (Secretary)
      • Kirsten Vos (Treasurer)

Conference Committee

Together with representatives from Leiden, Amsterdam and Nijmegen, our Conference Committee (CongresCie for short) aims to organise the first national Middle Eastern Conference for students of Middle Eastern Studies in the Netherlands. This collaboration between study associations of different universities has been hampered by the Covid-19 crisis, but the CongresCie looks forward to realizing this ambition in the near future!

      • Jarno Beukema
      • Bart Harrijvan
      • Nicky Posthuma
Do you want to be a part of a committee in 2021-2022? Would you like to get to know other members and do you want to become an active member of the association? Send a concise motivation letter and your CV to! 

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